Sandbar Anchor Pins Sytems

Anchoring to a sandbar or beach with a traditional anchor can be awkward and time consuming.

Make your day on the water all about fun by avoiding the hassle of using the old, traditional anchors. 

The Stick It® Sandbar Anchor system has a much simpler solution.

Easy to install.

Easy to use.

Easy to store.

sandbar party

Why you need the Stick It® Sandbar Anchor system

Our system is a lot less expensive than other anchor systems and no maintenance required.  You can’t break it! 

Set your anchor like a pro in no time.  No fumbling with 2 heavy anchors, chains, and lines.

Set both anchor pins while on board without having to go overboard. 

Anchor pins set securely in sandy bottom the first time with a simple push; unlike traditional anchors in deep water and on sandy beaches.

Tides, winds, and waves move your boat up and down our anchor pin, but the boat remains anchored in exactly the same position.  Resetting your pin is not necessary.  Just set and forget.

No drifting into neighboring boats as there is no slack like traditional anchor lines.

Easy storage and handling. No muddy, heavy anchors to haul in.  Pull up anchor pins and insert into storage clips attached to your boat.