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The ORIGINAL Shallow Water Anchor

The Stick It Anchor Pin is NOT a cheap fiberglass rod.

It is a custom formulated rod backed by a 5 year warranty!

Stick It Anchor Pin

Recommended for flats boats up to 24' or 20' bay boats.  If you're fishing the flats, sand bars, points and mangrove shorelines in 8 ft. of water or less you can be assured of faster, quieter, and stronger anchoring with the Stick It Anchor Pin® shallow water anchoring system. 


Motor Mount Bracket

A universal mounting bracket that is designed for boats with no poling platform.  It is great for bass boats, flats boats and smaller bay boats.  The complete system includes an aluminum motor mount bracket, an 8 ft. anchor pin, the trolling speed anchor pin holder, 3/4" mounting clips, rough water safety straps to mount behind the mounting clips for extra security, a  neoprene impact cushion  and complete instructions



A universal shallow water anchoring system that can be mounted to your deck or any transom angle. Recommended for shallow water vessels from gheenos up to a 20’ flats boat.  The BRAKE is made from UV stabilized injection molded custom formulated fiber filled nylon for strength and durability.


Kayak Anchor Pin

5/8" x 5.5' anchor pin is recommended for use with kayaks, canoes, gheenos and all small vessels alike for anchoring in up to 5' of water.


2 pc. 10 ft. Anchor Pin System w/ SS Screw
Together Ferrule

A 10’ x 3/4” 2 piece (3’ top piece and 7’ bottom piece) reinforced polyester resin anchor pin connected with a SS screw together ferrule and attached is an ergonomically molded T handle.  Can only be used with the anchor lines.

Can NOT be used with ANY bracket system


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Stick It Anchor Pins